January 10


Real Estate Agents Guide to Growing Your Business

By Publisher Ken

January 10, 2017

I am going to reveal a technique that built a multi-million dollar career for a leading Brisbane real estate agent. It could be the key you are looking for to turn your business round and start making the big dollars.

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to learn firsthand how a multi-million dollar real estate agent built a business in which he owned three of Brisbane?s top performing real estate offices.

His success rewarded him with all the trappings ? a 7 series BMW, a 50+ feet Riveria motor cruiser, several waterfront homes and a property portfolio most people would take several life-times to amass.

What was his secret? Why did he succeed while hundreds of other real estate agents failed?

The agent explained that when he first started in the business, he could not afford any fancy marketing. As soon as he made his first sale of a home, he decided that he would make that area his own ? he would be the only agent people called on. While other agents were spreading their wings trying to conquer the world, this agent was determined to build his own niche.

He mapped out a series of nine streets close by to the home where he had his initial sale. Every Friday, without fail, he would visit each of the homeowners in each one of those streets, arrive at the front door, introduce himself once again and share how he was available to help them sell their home. Every time he got a sale in the area he would recount the success the property owner, his client, had selling their home.

At first he would get the usual knock-backs, but he persisted week after week no matter how many times the homeowners told him to go away. Eventually after many weeks of going back and back, due to his friendly nature, these residents started to warm to his approach. A few even invited him in for a cold drink or a coffee.

Within twelve months he had gone from being a stranger to someone the local people felt they could trust.

His efforts paid off, he started receiving phone calls from people all over the district. It seems that the locals he had spent time getting to know started recommending him when one of their friends was looking for an agent to sell.

By the time he had been in the business some eighteen months, he was getting more appraisal inquiries than all the other more senior agents in his office.

That was over thirty years ago. As we spoke, I was intrigued to find out if there were any other secrets to his success.

He responded by sharing an observation about other less successful agents he had worked with.

He said that as soon as they were able to afford their first lease payment on a BMW they stopped door-knocking. They started to rely on advertisements in the paper to get their leads, and more modern slick marketing approaches like fridge magnets and giveaways to get their leads.

He said to me that none of that stuff worked, and he could count the failed careers of many agents as soon as they adopted these approaches.

As our conversation continued he came to the reason for meeting with me. He had heard about my newsletter program for real estate agents ?Property News? and was eager to sign up. But I couldn?t understand why this multi-millionaire agent would want my newsletters when he had been so successful.

He said to me that for the past thirty years, every time he door knocked he would hand them a business card and tell the property owner a story of a recent success selling someone?s property. He hoped in each case that they would remember his story and share it with their friends. But for the most part they would simply pass on his business card and the story he had shared was lost.

He was excited to use Property News because of the way we write stories about agent?s success.

Now days, he walks up to the front door and instead of spending five or ten minutes sharing a story, he now simply hands them the Property News newsletter and asks them to pass it on.

He informs me that the newsletter has made a great difference. These days he arrives to complete an appraisal to find the homeowner has several copies of Property News, and it is the consistent reading of these success stories in the newsletter that gave them the confidence to call him for an appraisal.

Do you still rely on the same old letter box drop? Is your FREE Appraisal flyer similar to all the other agents in your area?

I am great believer in the following saying: ?If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always gotten!?

It has been 30 plus years since my multi-million dollar client in Brisbane started his career. He still door knocks each week and uses the newsletters we write for him to help him gain new listings.

Are you ready for a change? Do you want to take your real estate career to the next level? Then call me today on 0408 028 825 and I will help you grow your real estate business.

Publisher Ken

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