January 10


Why Free Appraisal flyers don?t work and what is working now

By Publisher Ken

January 10, 2017

If your FREE Appraisal flyers are not working the way you would like, then this report will reveal to you an alternative that is generating leads in suburbs across Australia.

Right now, as you are reading this, a prospective vendor is tossing up which agent they should list their home with - you or one of your competitors.

How do you present that point of difference to a prospect which will convince them that your agency is the only choice?

From the outset you need to show vendors your company has recently helped someone like your prospect achieve the right result thanks to your ability to sell property in any market.

What is needed are factual examples of how you have successfully helped a vendor achieve their goals. Our clients present their success each month by distributing a personalised newsletter profiling their recent success. (see below)

How do you send out something that attracts a vendor's interest?

You are now able to use the power of newsletters. Four-page colour productions that set out in detail case studies of customers who are enjoying the fruits of appointing your agency.

The alternative is the old Free Appraisal flyer everyone uses - don?t waste another moment - start promoting your success in a manner that gives you a clear point of difference.

The problem with the Free Appraisal flyer approach is that while one agent is putting out his version, another three or four agents are putting out the same style flyer.

In essence, each flyer gives off the same message: Agent's Name, Phone Number and Offer of a FREE Appraisal. With several agents following the same pattern, they each finish up looking like their competitors.

Effective marketing is not about looking the same as the opposition, it is about giving yourself a clear point of difference.

Most vendors know that they can get a FREE Appraisal from every agent in town. What they really want is evidence of the following:

  1. Proof you can sell locally
  2. Proof you sell for top dollar
  3. Proof you can sell quick smart.

The newsletter below provides proof that this agent gets these results:

With a newsletter like the one above, you can clearly see how your pitch will receive a better response than an old Free Appraisal flyer.

To have your own newsletter produced to profile your success, please contact me on 0408 028 825.

Publisher Ken

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