January 11


How to attract Landlords to your Real Estate office

By Publisher Ken

January 11, 2017

Prudential Real Estate, Principal, Simon Perri, reveals how he motivates new landlords to use his Property Management services.

"When Property News, Publisher,Ken Robinson approached us, we were looking for a marketing program that would give us a point of difference," says Simon.

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We asked Simon whether the newsletter program has offered value for money as they have been putting out an edition of Property News each month for nearly seven years.

?When we first started working with the Property News team there were many other agencies in our area getting better results than us, but now some two years later we have overtaken most of them and are now considered one of the better performing offices in our area,? says James.

?Like many agents, we did not want to waste our money on flyers that were basically a carbon copy of our competitors.

?Having assessed Property News and spoken to several of Ken?s clients we decided to sign up to his newsletter program for twelve months.?

We have now been using the program for two years and have recommended it to many agents - it consistently works!?

To find out if Property News is available in your local area please phone 0408 028 825.

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