January 10


How to generate Appraisals

By Publisher Ken

January 10, 2017

How do you generate multiple appraisals to secure listings that lead to sales results? What you will learn in this editorial, could mean the difference between being a mediocre agent or a star performer.

Chris McKnoulty, like many agents hated the thought of door knocking or cold calling, but needed to find listings as he opened the doors to his new real estate office in inner-Brisbane.

Having worked in some of Australia?s most successful real estate practices, he had made the break with successful full-time employment to establish his own business.

With a sales track record to be admired Chris was leaving nothing to chance.

The following is the contents of a letter Chris wrote to thank Ken Robinson for the efforts he put into attracting 40 new appraisals for him, which led to Chris earning $100,000 in commission.

?In establishing my new real estate practice, I was determined to invest in as many marketing channels as possible,? said Chris McKnoulty.

?As far as I was concerned, this was the one time I was going to pull out all stops. I hired the best media and real estate marketing advisors to help me plan and implement an effective marketing program.

?My first choice was a public relations campaign utilising both television and daily newspapers.

?The public relations specialists exceeded my expectations by organising an editorial in one of Brisbane?s leading newspapers ? The Courier Mail. Plus, they facilitated a TV segment on one of Channel 9 Brisbane?s programs.

?Both of these opportunities gave me mass coverage not only in Brisbane, but right throughout Queensland. The same coverage would have cost me tens of thousands of dollars in advertising to achieve similar exposure.

?Did the newspaper and television coverage deliver?

?Both the newspaper the television coverage created only one lead which amounted to nothing!

?My second choice was distributing a local newsletter.

?Peter Hutton - my real estate coach, advised me to contact Ken Robinson, from Newsletter House, to produce a four page newsletter, with a print run of 2500, to be distributed locally.

?A number of years ago Peter owned a leading real estate office in New Farm Brisbane and regularly received new appraisals that lead to new business through Ken?s newsletter program.

?Did the newsletters deliver?

?Within a day or two of the first issue being distributed I received several strong leads. In total the first newsletter (print run 2500) generated 40 appraisals and resulted in 5 sales, earning me $100,000 in commission.

?The second newsletter generated 10 leads which are turning into solid pieces of business.

?I found the results surprising.

?From the outset, I was pretty much convinced that the mass media approach through both television and newspapers would gain me the best results due to its mass reach. Having now gone through the exercise, I learnt that the newsletter approach was far more effective because it spoke to potential prospects at a local level zeroing in on how I could help them achieve the results they were after .

?What?s more Ken offered my exclusivity for my farming area.

?Yes, I would definitely recommend Ken?s newsletter approach. It was a good investment I am looking forward to continuing into the future.?

To find out if Ken?s newsletter approach is available in your local area please phone Ken Robinson on 0408 028 825.

Publisher Ken

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