Real Estate video marketing

Agent Profile Videos - the affordable approach
without the fear of appearing on camera

Watch the video above to see an example of how you can easily improve the profile of your sales consultants without spending thousands of dollars on expensive video:

Real Estate video for your website isn't about perfection, it's about connection 

You can get started quickly with one of our pre-built real estate storyboards.  
Just send us your own photos, video clips, and quotes and our professional voice-over artists and video editor will create your own agent profile video.

How can you reduce the cost of video production without sacrificing quality?

?For many real estate professionals the thought of using video sounds appealing, until they find out that hiring a video crew, producer and all other components can run into thousands of dollars. This cost puts video marketing out of reach for most real estate professionals.

Plus, once you manage to get past the financial challenge video creates, you then have to face an even bigger hurdle - the fear of being on camera. 

No need to face the "fear" of  appearing on camera

?When you spend thousands of dollars producing a professional video or take out your home video camera to make a video, you have to stand in front of a camera and face your fears and insecurities - " Will I sound okay? What if I look overweight or unattractive?"

Plus, there is nothing worse than appearing amateurish. Webcams or home video cameras without the right lighting and direction can actually do your image more harm than good. Be careful - the video you make yourself, could cost you money if it isn't up to an acceptable professional standard.

Now you can have your own video profile without appearing on camera or spending big dollars 

Utilising a combination of your customers testimonials, examples of properties you have sold and your photo images, our team will create an agent profile script for you to approve.

Once you are happy with your script and you have sent appropriate images, we will produce a video profile for you to place on your website.

Did you know that video is a better conversion tool than other forms of content on your website

Finally you have the opportunity to have video on your website for a fraction of the cost, without the hassle of appearing on camera.

These agent profile videos are professionally produced, short and to the point. They work well with social media. Each time you send out an email, add your video link. If you have a video profile for each team member, you can place them on your "about us" page.

Finally, a cost effective video solution for the whole team!

To organise your video profile, contact Ken Robinson on +61-408-028-825