How to put together your newsletter?

In this video Property News, Publisher, Ken Robinson, explains a four step process to help you get your newsletters out on time each month.

Four steps to producing your newsletters

  1. Examples of quality Newsletters.
  2. The Editorial Question Sheet for you to complete.
  3. Information on the High Resolution Images you need to send us.
  4. Our 24 Month Marketing Plan to help you with your next newsletter.

For your First Issue we need the following to start:

  1. Your company logo (high resolution - minimum file size 1MB (1000 kb))
  2. Principal?s photograph (high resolution - minimum file size 1MB (1000 kb))
  3. At the bottom of page three we normally run a DL sized advertisement featuring each member of the Sales team with their name and mobile telephone number. (high resolution - minimum file size 1MB (1000 kb)).
  4. At the bottom of page four we normally run a DL sized advertisement featuring each member of your Property Management team with their name. (high resolution - minimum file size 1MB (1000 kb)).
  5. Please fill in your Editorial Question Sheet, a good quality testimonial and several high resolution images.

Newsletter Examples:

If you can provide us quality testimonials and detailed information we can create a powerful newsletter for your office. These newsletter examples below, illustrate what is possible when our clients give us the material we need. Please have a read:

IMPORTANT - The effectiveness of your newsletter depends on the material you give us. Without good quality testimonials and detailed information as to how you successfully sold a property, your newsletter will have little if any impact. 

Editorial Question Sheet

Step 1. Fill in our editorial question sheet, giving us the main points about your cover story. 

If you are uncertain about what we need, take a moment and read the newsletters at the top of this page.

In each of the newsletters featured, our clients provided us a great deal of detail as to what happened to bring about their successful sale.

Step 2. Provide us with a testimonial from your vendor about why they thought you did a great job selling their property. 

High Resolution Photos

High resolution photos are required for sharp reproduction in your newsletter otherwise the printing quality is very poor.

Pictures should be taken at the highest resolution setting on the camera.

How do you know whether your photo is high resolution?

Although not fool-proof, it is possible to gauge the resolution of an image just by looking at the size of the file itself. 

If the pictures file size is in KB it is too small ( 789kb ). It must be at least 1.0 MB file size ( 1000kb ). 

24 Month Marketing Plan

Ask anyone who has tried to produced a monthly newsletter, and they will tell you how frustrating it can be to decide what content should be produced for each issue.

To help eliminate the hassle, stress and thinking required to produce a successful newsletter each month, the Property News team have produced for your benefit a 24 month marketing plan.

Even though most of our clients only sign up to our program for 12 months, we provide you with two years worth of story ideas so you will never be short on content for each issue.

Print Quotes as a reference:

To help you out we have sourced two print quotes from Who Printing, based in Newcastle, NSW, they print quite a few of our client's newsletters. As mentioned when we first started working with you, you can print your Property News newsletter with a printer of your choice.  To get you started please use these print quotes as a reference: