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This video Illustrates why our newsletter program has been used by over 400 offices throughout Australia and New Zealand to attract quality Appraisals.

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Your Key Message

This video reveals the key to using the right message so that buyers wanting to sell NOW are motivated to consider you and your team when selling.

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Property Management

This video shares how our you can attract new landlords to your rent roll using our program to improve your Property Management Marketing.

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Website Marketing

This video shares how you can turn your website into a sales powerhouse by providing overwhelming evidence that your team is the best.

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Sales Tool

This video shares how you can use the testimonials stories in each issue as a powerful sales tool whether your in an appraisal meeting or doorknocking.

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Social Media

This video shares how you can use Social Media to influence future vendors.

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Production Process

This video shares how you save time and take the hassle out of having a regular newsletter produced each month.

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Your Investment

This video shares how you can try out our program for six months or save yourself $1200 a year by utilising our twelve month program.

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