Real estate Magazine that shares how vendors have had success selling with you

You need your clients to share that by listing with your team, they sold quick smart and for top dollar. But how do you promote that message to vendors looking to sell in your area using social media?

Take a look at the magazine below. This publication uses the powerful testimony of satisfied vendors who have sold with this office to prove that their team consistently delivers. What's more it can reach homeowners in your area using Facebook for as little as $11 per week.

My client can reach 71,000 locals for $84.70 per month with our magazine

Our client is reaching their market using our online magazine

Barfoot & Thompson Royal Oak office is located in Auckalnd, New Zealand. 

Using our online magazine they can reach potential vendors on various social media platforms. 

Placing our magazine on Facebook, as a sponsored post, they can reach potential vendors living in Royal Oak and the surrounding suburbs of Mount Roskill, Hillsborough, Epsom and Oranga.

How many people can they reach using the Facebook platform?

Within four kilometres of the Barfoot & Thompson Royal Oak office lives 71,000 regular users of Facebook aged 35 to 65.

Each day their sponsored post delivers a link to our online magazine giving them a reach of 600 to 1700 readers a day.

What is their monthly investment to promote the magazine?

With a daily budget of $11.00, which is suggested by Facebook, my client will reach 71,000 locals per month.

The only time my client is charged is when a Facebook user clicks on their sponsored post promoting the magazine. This requires an investment of $84.70 per month.

Don’t be fooled, this is not like the magazines most offices publish

Publications full of corporate spin. Yes, they may even have list after list of recent sales. But a list of multiple sales does not verify that each of these vendors walked away thrilled by the sale they got.

We all know that there are agents out there who advertise how many sales they had, but talk to their customers and you will witness a river of disappointment as vendors share how they were promised one price and beaten down to take a lower price.

You are different. You deliver results. You have a story to tell. But why is your story better, more convincing than the competition?

While your competitors push the brand pitch, your new publication will take potential vendors behind the scenes and they will read firsthand about local people placing their faith in your team and finishing a winner.

What’s more believable, you telling people how good you are or your customers testifying to the results you achieved for them?

Your marketing needs to respond to media reports that make vendors hesitant to sell in the current market?

Negative publicity about the market makes vendors extremely nervous and they start looking for something far more convincing than the standard pitch that works when property is selling for top prices. They need to know that you can deliver. In essence they are looking for proof of performance – not a well packaged upmarket glossy sales pitch.

As we have moved from a sellers market to a buyers market, you need to change tact...

On the one hand, prices are no longer rising on a weekly basis. Vendors are unnerved as properties that would have sold in days are taking weeks to sell. People are unsure what to do. They start to question whether they should drop their price and sell now. This nervousness has them seriously debating which local office has the ability to sell their property for a good return in a buyer’s market. All of sudden, who they would have signed with in the past, is now in doubt.

On the other hand, uncertainty brings opportunity. With everybody questioning who to go with, you have the opportunity to pick up business you would normally miss out on. You see, there are vendors who need to sell now and know that their property is sought after. But they realise they must be realistic enough to price their property for what the market will pay. All you have to do is convince them to exclusively list with your office. So what’s the problem?

You need to prove to vendors that you are much better than your competitors

Does your marketing set you apart from your competition? On examining the Appraisal Kits of several of the major real estate brands, in particular their key presentation document, I found something quite astonishing. In each case, the index page to each of these detailed appraisal presentations was almost word-for-word the same. What’s more, the content of each of these documents looked like it had been written by the same people.

If you remove all the logos and company names, these documents that are supposed to set each of these brands apart from their competition makes them look the same. This means that vendors are left baffled by the sameness and find it hard to choose an agent.

Yes, I am sure these documents worked really well last year when the market was booming. But today prices are dropping in some areas. Vendors are feeling nervous about the change in the market. With everything coming under greater scrutiny, vendors want much more than something that looks the same as what your competition offers.

Now you can have your own magazine which shares local stories of how your team is consistently selling property

Please click on  the publication below and you will read about local vendors having success selling their properties. The media maybe reporting that the market is not good, but this publication proves otherwise if you list with my client. 

How can you use this magazine to reach out to potential vendors?

Reach your market with Social Media

Each issue can be posted on Facebook as a sponsored post. This enables you to reach every person in your area using the wide reach of the Facebook platform.

The publication makes a great sales tool

When people make an inquiry to your office about selling their property, your receptionist can email them a link to the publication while they wait to hear back from a salesperson.

Magazine adds evidence to your Appraisal Kit

We provide you with a both a print and online version. This booklet makes for an impressive printed publication to be handed out at the time of your appraisal presentation or you can follow-up your meeting by sending them a link to the online version.


Your latest success is profiled each month


Your very own local based content marketing


Each month the market is reminded of your success

To produce your magazine is simple...

  • You fill in our basic questionnaire and provide us photos
  • For your first issue we produce four major stories
  • Then every month we produce a new story to update the publication

Your initial investment?

  • You receive exclusivity to you area
  • We produce your first four case studies
  • We Create your magazine layout
  • We Provide you with four case study pdfs
  • We Host on for four months
  • No lock in contract
  • Total Investment = $1540.00

Your monthly budget for each issue?

  • Monthlhy production of your case study
  • You receive exclusivity to your area
  • Provide you with case study pdf
  • Hosting on for one month
  • No lock in contract

   Monthly Investment = $385.00

This approach adds a new dimension to our highly successful print edition...

We have been producing a monthly printed newsletter for real estate agents over the past 18 years. Many of our clients swear by this publication. We have clients who have produced our printed publication on a monthly basis for over the past 10 years. We have no plan to stop our print edition as long-term clients know that it works.

Recently, we started getting requests to produce content that could be used as blog posts and updates on their websites. So we have taken what makes our print publication effective and created an online edition. 

We wanted to give our clients an even more powerful approach to the standard social media most agents produce. Often real estate agents embrace social media only to find that it is a hungry beast requiring quality content on a regular basis. As they are not journalists they finish up promoting properties for sale as they have no access to quality editorial content.

Social media is more than selling; it is about building relationships and trust with your audience. This is why you need really good content to stand out from the other agents promoting themselves on the same social media platforms.

Not many real estate agents have the time or journalistic know-how to produce the type of content that is respected on the web. Whereas we have 11 journalists, five graphic designers, who collectively have had over 18 years of experience promoting real estate agents on a monthly basis throughout Australia and New Zealand. Based on our knowledge of what works, this new online magazine Is now available for you to promote your office.

When you look back over several editions of our newsletter publications, and read the various case studies profiling our client success, you start to build a picture that these people are consistently successful at selling real estate. So instead of putting out one case study a month, why not produce a series of case studies that collectively build strong reasons why our clients are far more effective at selling real estate than their competition.

To find out how you have your own online magazine, please contact Ken Robinson today on 0408 028 825 (Intl: +61 408 028 825) or e-mail:

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