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We work with franchise offices from the above groups plus many independent real estate firms in Australia, New Zealand and The United States

Our Marketing Products and Training Programs for the Real Estate Industry...

Property News Newsletters

For the past 12 years agents, from all the major franchises plus independents have relied on the Property News newsletter program to consistently attract new landlords and grow their rent roll...

How to List Property Course

This online course offers A tailored 30-day local sales and marketing plan - it will establish you as the go-to agent in your area. Plus, a step-by-step plan to create an appraisal presentation that sells you, not just the brand you represent! You will recieve all the sales scripts, dialogues and templated sales letters you need to start having an impact in the local market.
Plus, weekly online coaching sessions where your questions are answered.

Agent Profiles

Agent Profiles

Real Estate has always been a people business. Now you and your staff have the opportunity of having their profiles in the marketplace enhanced through the presentation of their own individually written agent profile. If you are looking for that point of difference, look no further than this program!

Commercial Agents Newsletters

Commercial Real Estate Agents newsletters

Commercial News will clearly demonstrate to your clients and prospects that your company is the market leader in your area. Now they can read all the latest commercial and industrial information about your business in your own personalised edition of Commercial News for your office.

The Australian Landlord

The Australian Landlord couldn?t be more timely. A national housing shortage and rapidly rising rents mean rent rolls are now a substantial profit centre for every agent. The Australian Landlord is designed to give you the credibility in your market that will have landlords turn to you for management and advice.

Personalised Agent Newsletters

Personalised Agents Newsletter

In this market, every agent needs to stand out from the competition. Speak to any of the top performing agents and they will tell you that even they may work for an office in fact they are running their own business. These agents realise that they have to invest in their own marketing and that's why we can produce for you your own personalised newsletter.

If you need help with your marketing please contact our
Publisher Ken Robinson on +61-408-028-825

Hello - I'm Ken Robinson...

?... That's me to the right at one of the many one day workshops I hold throughout the year.

Twelve years ago I established a newsletter program titled "Property News" for Real Estate Agents that has seen over 400 offices, month after month, print and distribute 20,000 plus newsletters to their local community.

Many of the Principals who have used my real estate marketing program have sent their entire sales team to either my real estate sales workshop or my newly developed property managers course.

Why do real estate agents and property managers benefit from Ken's workshops?

As one of Ken's clients said to him the other day when deciding to send six of his sales staff to one of Ken's workshops:

?I know your methods work, you cold called me on a Thursday afternoon, you then convinced me to meet with you the following morning and on the same day I was writing out a cheque for a year long marketing campaign," said James Harvey, Principal, Sternbecks Real Estate, Cessnock, NSW.

?Ken, your presentation, approach and attitude was so positive I couldn't come up with enough reasons to knock your proposal back. I had never dreamed of marketing my business with a newsletter campaign, but you convinced me and closed me in our first meeting."

Kens latest blog post
How to attract Landlords to your Real Estate office
Sternbeck?s Real Estate, Principal, James Harvey, reveals how he attracted a Landlord who gave him two new property managements and four new listings which were sold in 1 week using an approach which has turned around his business over the past two years.
Are your prospects interested or are they tyre-kickers?
Are your prospects interested or are they being polite, not wanting to say NO? If you work in sales long enough you soon realise that most prospects find it hard to say NO. In this report, I?m going to reveal a simple system I have in place that tells me if the prospect is really interested.
How to motivate a buyer
One of my clients was struggling to make contact with key decision makers in an industry sector that was a natural fit for their product. No matter how hard they tried, they were being diverted to people who had no authority to make a buying decision. In this report, I am going to share with you how I taught my client what was needed to be said so that decision-makers would respond by placing orders.
How to generate Appraisals
How do you generate multiple appraisals to secure listings that lead to sales results? What you will learn in this editorial, could mean the difference between being a mediocre agent or a star performer. Chris McKnoulty, like many agents hated the thought of door knocking or cold calling, but needed to find listings as he opened the doors to his new real estate office in inner-Brisbane. Having worked in some of Australia?s most successful real estate practices, he had made the break with successful full-time employment to establish his own business. With a sales track record to be admired Chris was leaving nothing to chance.
Real Estate Agents Guide to Growing Your Business
I am going to reveal a technique that built a multi-million dollar career for a leading Brisbane real estate agent. It could be the key you are looking for to turn your business round and start making the big dollars.
Why Free Appraisal flyers don?t work and what is working now
If your FREE Appraisal flyers are not working the way you would like, then this report will reveal to you an alternative that is generating leads in suburbs across Australia. Right now, as you are reading this, a prospective vendor is tossing up which agent they should list their home with - you or one of your competitors. How do you present that point of difference to a prospect which will convince them that your agency is the only choice?