"Property News has helped us grow
our business over the past 11 years"

"We have just signed our next twelve month agreement for our 12th year of Property News. We know it works because every appraisal we attend, the vendors have several copies of our newsletter," said Greg Walsh, Principal.

"Yes, that's correct, every month for the past 11 years once a month local residents have found a copy of Property News in their letterbox or have received a copy via email.

"The team at Property News? regularly keep in touch and take the hassle and pressure out of producing a monthly newsletter.

"We compete with six other local offices and over the years they have all tried to put out a local newsletter like ours. But they are not journalists, like the team at Property News and in a short time they all gave up on the idea of putting out a regular newsletter.

"If you look at some of our recent cover stories, see below, they allow every resident in our area to read month after month about our success. And unlike other agents we don't brag in our newsletter - we let our clients share their story of success!?

real estate listing

real estate listing

We secured four new listings from the one vendor thanks to one issue of Property News ...

"Last month a landlord read our newsletter and listed for units for sale which we sold in one day," said James Harvey, Principal.

"We have been using Property News over the past two years. It gives us a way of connecting with our local community that no other local agent has.

"The team at Property News? are easy to work with and ready to guide us  as we chase new listings and grow our rent roll.

"Our newsletter has consistently brought in new business - it has been a good investment!?

How to prospect and consistently generate
quality sellable real estate listings ...

Right now, as you are reading this, a prospective vendor is tossing up which agent they should list their home with - you or one of your competitors.

How do you present that point of difference to a prospect which will convince them that your agency is the only choice?

From the outset you need to show vendors your company has recently helped someone like your prospect achieve the right result thanks to your ability to sell property in any market.

What is needed are factual examples of how you have successfully helped a client achieve their goals. How do you do this?

You are now able to use the power of newsletters. Four-page colour productions
that set out in detail case studies of
customers who are enjoying the fruits of appointing your agency.

The alternative is the old Free Appraisal flyer everyone uses - don?t waste another moment - start using Property News.

Why are agents turning to print newsletters?

What is easier to read, the hundreds of subject lines in Outlook demanding your attention or a story in Property News
about a vendor selling their home for a $650,000 record price?

listing real estate

?Print is starting to play a more prominent role in marketing

When I first started producing newsletters, e-newsletters were the new kid on the block and every real estate agent was rushing to get out their first e-newsletter.

10 years ago, html e-newsletters had a novelty factor about them and people often opened them simply because they were the latest fad. All of that has now changed, e-newsletters are not getting the results they used to:

  1. There has been the introduction of spam filters. Today if use any of the powerful copy-writing techniques to grab a recipient's attention, the spam filter blocks your email. 
  2. The average user is being bombarded with hundred's of emails each day, you're lucky if your e-newsletter gets noticed, let alone opened. 
  3. Because agents are so busy, they are finding it extremely taxing to produce a quality e-newsletter each week. Instead they are sending out second rate e-newsletters that don't get opened.

As it?s so easy to ignore e-mail newsletters, print newsletters stand out as the more successful of the two in terms of response rate. A good print newsletter might generate a 3 percent to 5 percent response rate; while a good e-mail newsletter might only get one-half of a percent. Print newsletters simply have more influence. Plus they?re portable, meaning they?re likely to make it to the ?reading room.?

How to connect with vendors, without having to Waste moeny send out junk-mail flyers ...

Are you looking for a marketing program that gives you a clear point of difference? 

If you are like many of our clients, you do not want to waste  any more money on flyers that were basically a carbon copy of your competitors. 

Dowling Real Estate, Principal, Jo Di Claudio was looking for that point of difference and has experienced the benefits of Property News . 

Click on the newsletter image below to read about Jo's experience with Property News.


By choosing the Property News newsletter program you?ll get the following benefits:

A personalised  newsletter program that has a 12 year proven track record

When you use Property News, each month we produce a publication with content that is personalised to profile your local success. All of our competitors offer generic newsletters - our clients choose Property News due to its personalised approach

Our journalists write and produce each issue. You don't need to
write one word!

Most agents who have tried to put together their own newsletter program have come unstuck when it comes to writing appropriate content. Our trained journalists leave you to get on doing what you do best - selling property, not writing newsletters!

We provide you a
24 month proven marketing program easy to implement

Every month our agents give us feedback on what editorials have worked for them. Even though you sign up for 12 months, our team have put together a 24 marketing plan packed with tested story-lines ready for you to use. Why reinvent the wheel - use Property News!

Property News is only available to one agent per postcode / ZIP CODE area

As more and more agents start using our Property News program there is a chance you could miss out and this powerful marketing program could fall into the hands of your competitor - don't let that happen ...


How do I decide what goes into my newsletter?

Most Real Estate sales people are far too busy to be bothered learning how to put a newsletter together. It takes great skill and an incredible amount of experience to write credible editorial that has the sales punch you need.

Each month you will receive from Newsletter House a PDF file, via the internet, with your Property News newsletter ready for print and or email! Each newsletter is customised to reflect the look and feel of your agency. The newsletter includes all of your contact details, your photo and logo, plus articles sharing your sales success.

As far as the reader is concerned, it looks like a third party is reporting on why your customers think you are the best local agent.

Each monthly newsletter means you keep in constant contact with your valuable database while at the same time your customers, through the testimonial stories in your newsletter, get to share with that database why they think you are good at what you do. 

But instead of mailing out one page sales letters that look and read exactly like all the other letters being sent by agents in your area, your newsletter shows your community that you value them enough to keep them informed about how they can sell and buy property! If you are looking for a point of difference then you will find Property News is the answer.

Why not leave the job of marketing your firm to an experienced group of professional publishers?

Property News is for those people who desire their own specialist in-house publishing arm on a budget. Clients who have taken this package report back to us that when they get their final draft, it?s as though they have gained extra staff.

When you invest in the Property News 12 month program we go beyond the call of duty to ensure that not only do you get a brand new newsletter, but a marketing vehicle designed to help you get the new business you need.

What do you need to do each month to get Property News ready for your local market?

Step 1. Fill in our editorial question sheet, giving us the main points about your cover story. We only need the basic elements of the story. We know how to put your story across the way you want it presented.

Step 2. We do the rest. You don?t have to write a thing. All the design artwork is done by our team of professionals.

Step 3. Once you have signed off on the proof. You will be provided with original art which you can start sending out to your local area.

real estate listings

How do our clients find this process??

Who better to ask than our clients, here are some comments we received in testimonials from two of our valued clients ...

"I have always believed in newsletter marketing and used to write my own monthly newsletter, which I was extremely proud of as I put a lot of time and effort into writing it each month. But as soon as I saw what was available through the Property News program, I stopped writing my own newsletter which saves me time and I am glad to say their unique approach has brought us new business,"
Prudential Real Estate, Principal, Simon Perri, Liverpool NSW

"The power of the Property News program is the fact that they focus on promoting the local agent to the local community. It has worked so strongly in the Port Macquarie area that it was the only program we transitioned when we moved to the L. J. Hooker brand. Which was not a big deal, as the Property News team work with all the major franchises as well as many independents.""
LJ Hooker, Principal, Tony Dekker, Port Macquarie NSW

What Property News Does for You:


Each month it promotes your point of difference 

Our research, from producing newsletters for real estate agents for more than 12 years, shows us that there are three key things a vendor looks for when listing with an agent:

  1. Proof that you can sell locally
  2. Proof that you can sell for top dollar
  3. Proof that you can sell fast

Property News provides that consistent proof of your success by profiling your success and the positive comments of your vendors each and every issue.

Uses testimonials to support your case

real estate listing

real estate listing

It is one thing for a sales person to say how good they are, we all know that it is far more impressive to hear it from a satisfied vendor.

  • Every month we take one of your testimonials and turn it into a full blown report where a local property owner shares with others why listing with you was the best decision they made.
  • Imagine for a moment if one of your clients gave you a testimonial sharing that they sold their home quickly, for a top price, and said that listing their home with your office was the best decision they ever made. A comment like this, from a satisfied vendor,  goes a long way in influencing prospects to sign with you!

Will guide you with a 24 Month Marketing Plan 

Ask anyone who has tried to produced a monthly newsletter, and they will tell you how frustrating it can be to decide what content should be produced for each issue.

To help eliminate the hassle, stress and thinking required to produce a successful newsletter each month, the Property News team have produced for your benefit a 24 month marketing plan.  

Even though most of our clients only sign up to our program for 12 months, we provide you with two years worth of story ideas so you will never be short on content for each issue.

Is able to be completely self-funded 

Property News is one of the few marketing programs that can be completely self-funded.

Many of our clients run a set of advertisements on the back page of each issue promoting properties for sale or lease.

Utilising vendor paid advertising you can immediately cover your costs of the Property News program.

Either way we can help you to make this program cost effective from outside support.?

You also have the alternative of seeking sponsorship advertising from a mortgage broker etc.

Gives you a powerful Sales Presentation tool 

The cover story of each issue of Property News profiles your success. Which makes the newsletter a great talking point for sales presentations.

We have clients who walk into an Appraisal and before they bring out their presentation folder, they spend the first part of the meeting recounting multiple success stories to their prospect.

We all know that social proof is the most powerful weapon we have. You can now hand over multiple copies of your Property News newsletter to your prospect, providing them the social proof that you are good at selling property.

real estate listing

Property News is only available to one agent per postcode / ZIP CODE area

As more and more agents start using our Property News program there is a chance you could miss out and this powerful marketing program could fall into the hands of your competitor - don't let that happen ...


"One newsletter so far has generated 40 new appraisals in two weeks and has earned me $100,000 in commission. The Property News team put it together, all I had to do was letterbox drop 2500 copies ...

- Chris McKnoulty (Best Use Real Estate, Brisbane)

"One newsletter attracted a landlord who listed four units with us - which we sold for full price. For the past two years Property News newsletters have performed for us each month - that I have recommended it to heaps of agents."

"On a regular basis, I receive positive comments from my clients about Property News. What's more, they regularly ask me when the next issue is coming out as they find it a good read!"

- James Harvey (Sternbecks Real Estate, Cessnock, NSW )

"We have been sending out Property News for 11 years - consistency the key - it shows locals we are consistently selling for our clients"

"Over the past ten years every one of our competitors has tried to produce a regular newsletter and failed. Whereas, with the help of the Property News team, each month we regularly publish a four page well-written publication that is read by locals far and wide.

"Would I recommend it? Over the past ten years I have recommended Property News to more agents than I can remember."

- Greg Walsh (Oz Combined Realty, Jervis Bay, NSW)

"My cousin Greg recommended Property News to me nine years ago and we are still using it to this day. Actually, we have just re-signed for another year because we know locals read the newsletter ..."

"Like many Principals, when we first launched our office, I turned to the people I knew who were running successful real estate offices for their advice on marketing. My cousin Greg, who was a smart operator, put me onto Property News. Best bit of advice I ever got.."

- Matt Walsh(W ? Group, West Pennant Hills, NSW)

If you would like to have exclusive rights to Property News in your area please telephone our Publisher Ken Robinson on +61-408-028-825